Monday, February 21, 2005


I have a headache that just won't go away... No matter what I do. I got it from going for a walk outside as I thought it would be healthy. I guess I should just keep getting drunk and crunk as then if I'm in any sort of pain, I just don't notice it. Ignorance (os substance abuse) truly is bliss.... Substance abuse for a brighter future I say!

And here is proof that that state of mind is a happy place indeed:


Ahhh the memories....

This was at the first of Patrick Legendre's Underground Legacy parties. The next one will take place on March 5th and will be featuring Angel Moraes, Serge Duchesne and my friend, B'Ugo!!! Yay for B'Ugo - I definitely can't wait for that! (And thanks to Patrick for giving po' ass little old me a ticket already!) By the way, the next party is called "House Factory".

So I've decided that relationships of any sort are complete bullocks. (Once again.) Not really anyone I know seems to a) be in one or b) if they are, they're not happy. I'm sick of meeting guys who lead me on, or use me up. Is it too much to ask to be appreciated or at the very least some honesty?! I guess I'm really referring to a specific event of the weekend.

So let me fill you all in: I went to the club for one of my favorite DJ's, Roger Sanchez. Was looking forward to the night, especially since lately I've been staying at home a lot and miss being out. So this guy who I have recently met started hanging out with me and following me around the club. Then he started holding my hand, then he started massaging me, then he started holding me close...

At one point, he was talking to a friend of mine and I felt like dancing, so I went to dance and said I'd be back. I went back and not long after... And they were both gone. Apparently my friend "drove him home." I was blocked by amy gay friend. I'm so upset. Yay for friends who steal your man and yay for men who are just teases. I honestly don't know how I'm going to react when I see him again, but I'm really not happy at the moment.

End up at Parking to end off the weekend, and Patrick Dream ends up trying to chain me to him at the end of the night... Not a good think to do to a crunk and drunk girl ;) Well it is when you're up for what you're asking for...

So now I'm alone and tired and bored. I need a change of scenery I think.


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