Monday, February 28, 2005

Secret Admirer

Ever wonder if you have secret admirers? An incident last night made me wonder if you could only know how many people had crushes on you or at least wanted to fuck you, how weird would it be. And how different your life could turn out. There is a certain person who I've been crushing on for ages and last night I was definitely getting the vibe from him (AGAIN) and I swear it wasn't due to intoxicating substances either! I'd kind of love to broach the topic with him as he is a long term "obsession" of mine. (Hey, he has staying power when I usually get sick of people after a week at most!) I'm sure too though there would be a lot of people who I don't really want to know about their interest in me too! LOL... A debate for the ages, to know or not to know...


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