Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Week Update

Here has been my week in a nutshell:

I spent it unsuccessfully trying to secure a job. But I have another interview tomorrow and I'm fairly sure that this one is a cinch. The job I really had my hopes up for, I was the second choice. So they told me that when another position becomes available, I will be called back. I guess I should look at it in a good way. It was probably a highly conveted position, but I did wow them, the other person just was slightly more qualified. I guess it just gives me something to aspire to.

I am proud of myself as I managed to maintain cleanliness in my room and also started hacking away at the other tasks in the household that need to be done. Pretty much just the usual tidying up and the floors are left to be done. I wish the others would pitch in a bit more though. Especially the new one.

He's really getting on my nerves as seems to be incredibly selfish, inconsiderate and lazy. I'm no one's maid and looking for a job is a job in itself, so I'd appreciate a bit more help.

Today when I left to go for a walk, some nasty old guy tried to purse snatch me. I was pissed. No one steals my orange Matt and Nat and lives! Plus with my Prada glasses and all my lovely things inside, I'd KILL.

I'm proud of myself too as I did one thing on my list of things I've been wanting to do for awhile. I actually went and joined the library again. I'd forgotten just how serene and peaceful and relaxing a library can be. Plus it leaves me free to save money on buying books, which is a necessity right now, but I also found books right away by my favorite authors. Looks like I'll be there a lot as I already have almost read one this evening.

Over two weeks now with my lovely. Wow. I've managed to bypass the seven day curse that I seemed to be stuck with. Last night we had a lovely bottle of yellow label Wolf Blass - yay for Australian wines. Then watched him on the news (I'm so proud of everything he has been doing!) It's refreshing and inspiring to have met someone who has such strong beliefs about things and sticks to them. Entirely incredibly sexy too.... Yum....

So all in all, despite the hardships I am currently facing, I am incredibly happy and feel super blessed. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I'm looking forward to all that life can bring.


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