Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today's Thoughts

I couldn't come up with a witty title. Today I found out a friend of mine was badly hurt. I'm concerned about him, but not sure how to react, what to do, and I'm also (perhaps selfishly) concerned for myself somewhat. What happened was senseless and violent but also could have been avoided too I think. I am trying to keep my life cleaner and safer and better. Things of this nature don't happen all the time, but upon reflection, my life could have had things like that happen. But for the grace of g-d as they say. Probably also somewhat due to a mother with faith who prayed for me too. I don't believe in religion but I believe in spirituality. It's just sad when people you love are hurt, but you are hell bent on self preservation. I don't know if that makes me a bad friend or a smart person. I feel horrible but I like the fact my life is more normal.

Some words just remind of certain people, "indeed".

I really just wish I could utter the words "I am independantly wealthy."


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