Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Karma Pay Outs!

Life has just been getting better and better! I have a new job that I adore so far - with a pretty much unlimited cell phone for $7/month, who WOULDN'T love their job?! But the atmosphere is AMAZING, everyone is so friendly and nice!

I went to Stereo, as usual, on the weekend, after spending Friday night and Saturday with Chia. I love him! Good guy and is always able to help me sort my life out. He read my cards and all amazing things are in my future it seems! (They have already started coming true in a BIG way!)

Saturday was so nice to spend going to the library, lunch and record shopping and hanging out with my dear friend. Not often we get to spend chill time together and it was fantastic.

Calderone let me down on Saturday night. But instead I spent time with surprise visitor, Nurse Cracker. I love that bitch. So much like me, we always have good times.

Stereo bar was fun with all the shenanigans, queens galore and battle dancing. Dinner with Evans and then Sunday night listening to my all-time favorite DJ, Patrick Dream! He was AMAZING! I am in love with the new Shapeshifters track...

Yesterday I hooked up with my crush. It was better than I could have hoped for, he drives me wild - makes my knees weak, gives me butterflies in my stomach and makes me catch my breath. I am soooooo love sick. And the best is yet to come. He wants to stay with me all night next time because he says there could never be enough time for me. He already told me he is falling for me!!!

Life is so good. I am so blessed - great friends, great music, great job & hopefully the start of a great new relationship.

Discogirl is happy.


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