Friday, August 31, 2007

Karma PayOut!

So this summer has been challenging for me, as you may very well have deduced. (Or if you actually know me, then you know for a fact.)

But this week, things have started to turn around. First, I got hired by the company I really wanted to work for. A young, dynamic company, right downtown, that works with companies such as Microsoft, EBay and Google. My penchant for nerdiness will be satisfied at such a place of work!

I also found a great apartment in the heart of the Plateau, so really close to a lot of my friends. A sweet 3 1/2 with a private terrasse sort of area. And for a very reasonable price. But I have to now pack and move this weekend. Which I am NOT looking forward to, but at least I start work in 10 days, so I will be able to settle in.

Had a few interesting and good dates. Had some beer and drinks. All in all, a good week, relatively drama free.

But when I got home today, after spending some time with the ever lovely Adam, I got stung by a hornet. My arm is all red and swollen and I don't know how I will be able to sleep. It hurts so damn much.

Well something had to go wrong. It can't all be right! ;)


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