Sunday, January 20, 2008

Disco Grrl is Back!

I am BACK! Despite Calderone having to cancel at Stereo, I still managed to make it out to dance. And I've realized that I've lost a lot of my stamina, so I definitely must go out more often and get back into shape, asap!

I went to the Legend party at the former K.O.X. location and had a blast - just like the last time I was there. Good people, good tunes and I love the space! B'Ugo is a great dj and amazing friend, so I definitely plan on supporting him next Friday, along with Hayden for their Suck My K.O.X. party launch.

DJ Manny Ward will be attending since he is playing Stereo on Saturday night (Which I will ALSO be going to.) Inobe, Karlito, Ben, Greg and more of the crew will be along, so it promises to be a stellar night.

I'm back!


Blogger terribletom said...

Glad your doing well.

Hope to see you sometime when i'm out. Things ended shitty for us.

If you feel like an apology and explanation just tag me o facebook.

9:00 PM  

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