Monday, February 28, 2005

Job Interviews...

The worst part about losing or leaving a job is the searching for a new one I think. The sifting through all the possibilities to those that are plausible and that you think you might like or be capable of doing seems endless. Then there's the endless sending out of resumes and then the worst.... The waiting period.

But I got a couple calls today and I have a couple interviews. The place I'm most interested in is NURUN. The man who called me to do a brief phone interview and to discuss the position with me seemed very personable. They seem like an excellent company and they have a killer location for their offices - Old Montreal... I really hope this might work out. (THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS!)

So tomorrow 9h30 am I will be there, hopefully dazzling them. I think a weektime 9 - 5 type job like this could be very good for me. No more call centers and weird hours. I think now with the appearance of this possibility coupled with the meeting of the man, well, I think that my life could be headed for a more "normal" route. Which is a great thing. I think I need it. My my my - I think I'm growing up!

My mother will be so proud. Finally at 26 I'm getting a "normal" life.


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