Friday, March 04, 2005

Lauded by My Friends

Here is what a few of my friends have to say about me on Friendster:

Ahhh- I met Sabs a few weeks before her
last birthday. The ensuing madness
should have been filmed!!!
Always ready for fun- always willing to
help out her friends (even though she's
been screwed-over in the past) you'd be
lucky to know this fine lady!

when sabrina is around really awesome
things happen...the last time i saw her
see pulled out a bright pink dildo with
the top bit off and stuck it up steph's

sab is,,,indeed ,, the sweetest..
i've known her for a lil' while
she hangs out with the hottest ,,,
but still can discern the best.. and
still makes time for us lil'peeps...
can't wait to live with you ..
memories will be made in that place..

so now ppl.. HUSH HUSH,, make room
for the stereo princess. cause here
she is.. and she's there to
stay.. ( she better be!! )

Sabrina is the nicest person ever!!!!
Never in my life have I seen someone
so caring and helpful to complete
strangers; she’s the exact reason why
Stereo is the best place to be. She
still has to introduce me to the rest
of the hotties she knows, because she
knows the finest of the fine! Girl, I
miss you and Montreal. See you at
Stereo or Beachclub. *kisses* Ba-Da-
bup-bup...LOL! Oh, good times!

Oooo, Sabrina - that sexy Stereo Fox..
What's not to love about her! Always
there to listen, always ready to
party, always wanting to be a gay
man ;) No but for real, she's
awesome! Definately one of a kind,
super friendly, and my new found fag-
hag! XOXO


Anonymous Bob said...

Hmm...I think I just sent you an email instead of a here I go again...Sabs is definately 1 of the best writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Altho I haven't met her personally...coming here and reading her blog is almost as good. DiscoQueen...if you ever wonder if there is any1 out there that actually reads the things u write...I can honestly say...I for 1 am a loyal reader...keep it up :)

9:11 PM  

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