Sunday, March 13, 2005

What's In Your Bag

Inspired by a site on flickr...

I like the bag and the contents could easily have been mine!

I want what's in this bag. I'm a gadget geek!

Here are the current contents of my lovely orange Matt and Nat Montreal bag:

(And HOW did I manage to put so much SHITE in there?!)

Prada sunglasses, that's right Prada baby, Hard Candy make-up lunch box, Stila lip glaze, hair clip, Sponge Bob lip gloss, The Body Shop compact & facial blotting tissues, B.Kamins rosacea treatment, day cream & vegetable skin cleanser, condom, fcuk her perfume, heart skin appliques, Powder Puff Notes & pen, hot pink Guess wallet (Paris Hilton NOT included), hot pink "HOT" hairties, Smashbox lipstick, 6 DJ Demi and DJ Vibe Stereo tickets for next weekend, bus ticket back home, ring, ladybug watch, brush, keys with bottle cap opener keychain, and Alex and Chris' numbers. Ta da!



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