Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Please Check Them!

I have no idea what is up with these men of the world today. Perhaps because I had a great upbringing and was taught that men should be strong and act certain ways, these men out there who are all EMOTIONAL CRIPPLES are getting on my nerves.

It seems every man I meet that even slightly interests me is one. And this happens often to my friends as well. What is up with men who hold on to their baggage for SO LONG and refuse to just GET OVER IT ALREADY? I'm sick of them holding on to shitty things that have happened in their lives, letting events make them a VICTIM and not a SURVIVOR.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have been through A LOT in the past 10 years of so. Like more than any one person should be able to withstand. I should be a twisted, VERY bitter person, but I refuse to let myself be a victim of circumstance. I take the lesson, become a stronger person and move on.

Quite frankly, I want a man who can be A MAN. And if you're going to have baggage, please check it - or at least make sure it's Louis Vuitton.


Blogger Labyrinth said...

you see this why i love this blog so much...cuz it's straight up and direct...right to the F'in point...i still miss the diary blogs though...JUST WRITE A BOOK ALREADY!!!

11:18 PM  

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