Friday, December 09, 2005


There's nothing like being vindicated by your hot ex having a new girlfriend who is a) fat b) kinda dirty looking (and NOT in the good kind of way, but in the, you don't wash kind of way) and c) (most importantly) she has a full 'stach.

Hello girl - you need to get rid of that thing.

Picture of said girlfriend on the bus.

I know I am sooooooooo better than that. Since we split, his taste has been getting worse and worse. He just said Hello to me and looked really wistful. Awww, and as much as he was an ass, he's so damn hot, I might just take him back.

All I can hear is Eddie Murphy, "Girly got a mustache!"

And YES I am evil. See previous "Devil Grrl" post.


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