Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who's in More Pain?

I have no doubt that a hernia operation is quite painful and the fact that my friend had to endure it with only local anaesthesia (due to other medical conditions), I am sure doesn't help. But when I agreed, DURING MY VACATION, to come and stay for a couple days to help him out, I was not prepared for this.

A demanding queen whining ALL THE TIME. Making me inspect the incision and complaining that it hurts. YOU GOT CUT, OF COURSE IT HURTS. You have percocets and/or morphine. Swallow a pill (or two, hell I don't care) but PLEASE let me sleep and stop calling me over just to tell me, "It hurts," or my new favorite, "I'm bored."

I better be earning a higher place, lots of karma or 10 000 glamour points at the VERY least.


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