Friday, September 28, 2007


CANCER (June 21-July 22): Move the furniture around. In fact, why not move some of it right through the front door and out of your life? If we're lucky, this will get you in the mood to launch a purge of everything that no longer belongs under your roof. Maybe you could throw a Simplification Party, complete with an exorcism. Or corral your friends for a haul-it-all-away caravan to the garbage dump. I don't care how you do it, Cancerian. Just get rid of all knick-knacks, wall hangings, funny mirrors, broken dreams, balls and chains, and formerly cute mementoes that have lost their cuteness. It's time to liberate your home.

Hmmm - this may very well be a sign! I think it really is time to start sorting out my apartment a bit more. It definitely cannot remain in the state that it is.


Last night I was supposed to go to a party at the SAT with friends. A free Bacardi party and some good music. But then I was asked to dinner by someone I'd only previously met online and had been too lazy to meet before.

I was more in the mood for a quiet evening like that as the entire week at work has been pretty hectic.

He was just lovely in every way. Made me dinner, we sat there and drank wine, listened to music and talked. I got home at 2 am and I'm completely knackered today, but he was so worth it. Such a sweetheart, he even drove me home.

He's intelligent, cute, has a sexy foreign accent, a nice apartment and he just totally was exciting. I can't wait to see him again!!!


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