Thursday, January 20, 2005

Amanda Peet and Atom Films

This is Amanda Peet - she stars in one of my all time favorite Atom Films shorts. This site is amazing, from categories like animation, comedy & drama, to name just a few, this site has HOURS and HOURS of entertainment right at your fingertips!

Zoe Loses It
United States | 14:50 | Amie Steir

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No one likes one-night stands but no one takes that dislike farther than Zoe. After a night with Jimmy, Zoe swears there must be something more and begins to search high and low for the answers to her nagging questions.

Watch it here and enjoy!

She also stars in one of my favorite movies, BODY SHOTS.

The story is set in L.A. with eight friends all recounting the same one night out. But their versions vary drastically...

And for good measure, here is how to do a body shot: ;)
Body or belly shots can break the ice quite quickly in a bar or at a party. The most common shot is tequila because this involves licking some salt off the holder of the shot first and then taking the lime wedge from this persons mouth afterwards. Any shot will do, however. The key to this type of shot is that there are two consenting adults involved.

For Males
  • Female places shot between her breasts or lies on the bar and places it in her navel.

  • For Females
  • Male places shot in the top of his pants or lies on the bar and places it in his navel.


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