Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Anti VD...

This site is THE best. I hate this holiday, always have, even when I've had a honey to celebrate with. I love this site and everything on it.

Valentine's Day is like herpes: just when you think its gone for good, it rears its ugly head once more. No wonder some people prefer to call it VD.

Yes, it's that special time of year when chocolate manufacturers and greetings card companies encourage you to demonstrate the extent of your fondness in cold, hard, cash (or the satin-covered equivalent) on February 14th.

Fuck that.

This year, celebrate or commiserate by sending an anti-valentine. Stick two fingers (or one, if you're that way culturally inclined) at any organisation with a vested interest which prescribes how and when to show your feelings. Send it today, tomorrow, or any day you damn well please. This year, say it with bile.


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