Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What Not to Do on Your First Date.... Apparently!

Some of these are too much!!!

1 - Don't drool over him/her.

2 - Don't stare off into space, make conversation.

3 - Talk about anything BUT the weather.

4 - Laugh at your dates jokes, no matter how not funny it is.

5 - Don't expect it to be a high class date with pricey restaurants and bouquets of flowers.

6 - Don't believe everything your date tells you.

7 - Don't overdo the hard to get act.

8 - Don't plan for a second date before the first one is over.

9 - Don't get drunk. It spoils both your mood.

10 - Don't press your luck for a kiss. There might not even be a second date then!


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