Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ru-Paul Doll

I hope one day there will be a doll for me... Seriously! Discogrrl preserved for all time in plastic form. Then one day I can be sold on EBay for ridiculous prices!!!

La Dolce Musto
by Michael Musto

RUPAUL is now officially a doll. The "supermodel of the world" just premiered her mini replica, courtesy of Integrity Toys, and I assume it's post-op, since I can't find the ding-dong. "I think she's actually been chopped, so the clothes fit better," Ru told me, laughing, last week. The 13-inch goddess—which comes with three bitchin' ensembles—is a more lavish alternative to those hilariously lippy Bratz babes (which I think still have dicks). "I like that the Bratz look so toxic," Ru admitted, "with huge eyes, like the children of alcoholics. Jackie O had that look. I like that look!"

The Bratz truly couldn't be more Keane-child-visiting-dad-in-urban-rehab—but anyway, is having your own doll the ultimate mark of a celebrity? "The ultimate mark is to have a mug shot," Ru deadpanned, "but I haven't managed that one, though I have come very close." (A pot arrest outside an Atlanta club was averted thanks to the cop being on the take from the place.)

Of course DIANA ROSS has a mug shot, segue, segue, and she also has a glamour shot: She's the latest face of MAC. (Ru was the first, naturally.) "I live for Diana," said Ru. "I get a sense of clarity from her lately." Well, Ru's own career has been clarifying with a WNEW-FM hosting gig. But even more prestigiously, the drag icon and I recently cameod in a porn flick (with clothes on), though most viewers' eyes will probably be on adult star OWEN HAWK. "Owen was born to fuck," feels Ru, a fan. "There's no shame in his game. It doesn't seem like he's working out some childhood trauma. It's a whole new breed of porn star today. It comes with a cachet that used to be reserved for male supermodels!"


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