Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Today's Lessons Include Obesity & Mental Disorders

Two things I've learnt today, or perhaps these two things just solidified in my mind once and for all.

1) Obese people should NOT run. Why do obese people insist on doing that little walk-run two-step weird prance sometimes? It doesn't do them any good and it's kinda gross.

2) There are WAY too many crazy people loose on the streets. Why should I have to deal with them on a daily basis? Seriously!? Meh to them!


Blogger mtlanglo said...

It had to do with "Cumminty Care" back in the eighties that all the mentally ill are on the streets.

The PC's back in the day thought it would be better for these folks to acclimatize to the real, outside world- but the funding for the drop in centers and hospice workers never materialized, so we have the wandering insane.

Welcome to good idea bad policy land we call Canada :)

6:37 PM  

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