Monday, April 25, 2005


My niece was born today. I'm happy - although I wasn't sure how I would feel. I guess everyone's joy is infectuous. Just hope this doesn't cause more pressure to be put on me. Especially with me being so deliriously happy about having met such a wonderful man recently. (I still find it weird to think that I date men... I don't feel like I'm old enough or something, LOL)

So I get to hopefully be the cool aunt for this child. The one who'll buy her lots of candy and let her do the things that her parents won't. The cool city aunt who's successful, happy and famous. (Heehee, well I plan on being all of those things!)

I wonder what she'll be like. I wonder what her name is. (Trust my dad to not bother finding out!) I wonder what she'll love, who she'll look like, what her dreams will be.


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