Thursday, November 17, 2005

Simpering Idiots... Part One

I would like to dedicate this post to my biggest pet peeve and quite possibly the bane of my existence. If I was a superhero (and I actually AM) these would be my arch nemeses. I hate most girls naturally as they play all their little cunt-faced stupid slutty let's use and abuse guys and make them buy us stuff and make them bitter and jaded bullshit games. UGH UGH UGH! Don't you stupid bitches realize you make MY life much more difficult? And does it give you even a second of satisfaction to hurt and use people? Anyway, I digress...

May I present:

Exhibit A:

The faux lesbian show.

Yes, so what girl hasn't made out with another girl or two? (Or more) LOL - but what bothers me are the sluts that do it on purpose and you can see them looking out of the corner of their eyes trying to see what guys notice. I.e. what guys are getting all worked up and are therefore easier to take advantage of. (No blood left in brain = easier to use)

Exhibit B:

The "poseurs"

These girls are constantly pretending they are models, when they are so obviously not. But the prance and simper around the club/party pouting and pursing their lips (look at the blowjobs I *could* give you but obviously won't cuz I'm frigid) Girl you are not ALL that, you're not even ANY of that. (And give me back that bag of chips cuz you ain't even THAT.)

Exhibit C:

The ravers

If you do not know what is sooooo wrong about this picture, then you're stuck in 1990 maybe. Rave to the grave DOES NOT apply and no sir, I do not think that is trance in your pants and I damn well hope you're not happy to see me. (Cuz I am going to kick your ass!)

Part One concluded - oh I have SO much to say on this. Stay tuned.


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