Friday, December 09, 2005

Black Sabrina

Black Sabrina aint just a female, she's a movement
Shapes and defines a whole new territory of thunder, duh, with an "a"
She ain't about actions, she's the ultimate action, mmm hmm
By the time you gave her directions she was already there
Black sabrina will dabble into the wells of the he-she-she-he islands
Dig pyscho sexual
She won't make any promises she can not keep, no
She laughs at your stupid titles or names,
She talks of sexuality, mentality, mortality
Black as a definition of death
Black as Langston Hughes, a space odyssey
Black as a stigma, as a lecture, as a volume, nah

She's phallic clitoral, a vaginal cave with teeth
There are rumors of her non being, inhumanity, unself
There are legends of an inner whiteness, brightness, uptightness
Black Sabrina never pushes nor shoves
She's a foot up your ass
She then questions why you walk so funny,
And utters "punk bitch" under her rum tinted breath
Black Sabrina is a poem, she don't give a damn about your disco dancing, designer prancing, showoffish bullshit.
She already knows what she's about, worth and what she will always add up to.
She might not even be a she
He might not even be a he
Black Sabrina is a fucking riddle, myth, legend, voodoo sorcery
Black Sabrina ain't even urban royal, ain't even intellectual, nor religious
Black Sabrina probably ain't even black
She's periwinkle psychedelic
She was there when the blackout arrived
Do you like her better in jeans?
Do you like her better in jeans?
Do you like her?
Yeah you do
Yeah you like her
She was there when the ultimate blackout arrived
She's a movement
A movement.

I'm not quite sure to think about all of these lyrics. I mean "She's phallic clitoral, a vaginal cave with teeth" - that is just scary!!! The song is SICKINGLY good though... Check it out!


Anonymous DeineLiebe said...

I love this song!

3:13 AM  
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Blogger Xino Gatorp said...

Yeah, one of my favourite tracks all time. Thanks for writing down stuff. Peace

5:21 PM  

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