Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Recap

Quite a good one, if very quiet. I was so very pleased that I got the majority of the unpacking and organizing done around here. Thank god for altered (somewhat altered) states of consciousness that enabled that. Now all that remains is to sort out my room completely but I did A LOT in making my home just that, a home.

I also seem to have made a new friend. The scheduling guy at work is apparently a like-minded soul. So very interesting, goes to Stereo, but is not a crackhead, and is going to film school. I'm looking forward to getting to know him more.

Met up with Greg, who I adore more and more, at Stereo on Sunday morning. Music was fairly good, but it was just awesome hanging out with Greg and talking about stupid shit, like, I am in love with GMail, oh my G-d, when they get Google Talk for cell phones?!

Seeing James, who I love beyond belief, so very happy and seemingly falling in love himself, was so heart-warming. I consider him my true family and to see him with such joy and doing so well for himself, well all I can say is, it's about time!

The end of the weekend was nerve-wracking, but went so well. Just having someone prove their amazingness when you reveal your very less than stellar past is just so incredible. To have someone stick around when you tell them all the shit you've been through, the shit you've fucked up in your life and the things you are still going through. I felt like crying from relief, I still do.

I really am so very very blessed.


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