Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I love my life. I have amazing friends who entertain and make me happy. I also have been getting to know people I have know for years better and realize that I know some really amazing people. I'm happy I'm letting go of things and letting myself see people for who they really are.

There is nothing as fabulous as being bored in a club, going to a salon, having it opened specially for you and returning to the club with a fierce new 'do.

I've decided I am going to take burlesque classes. I feel a great need to learn, to experience, to grow as a person and I am thirstily drinking up knowledge.

Recent quotes of note:

"It takes two to mangle/"

"Why don't you write a book about what you think is right and wrong and I will present it to the world."

I feel a deep connection with the middle eastern beliefs whether being islamic or judaism, I feel a deeper connection that I want to explore further.

Saturday was a beautiful day spent with Sheeba. Met up at the library which we both adore and then spent several hours walking around observing sketch. Had a yummy lunch at MBCO and then Krispy Kremes, coffee at Segufredo... Just a great day spending time with someone I respect and love.

I also got to see Kirk's place for the first time. Amazingly gorgeous and Kirk is a sweetheart.

Spent time with him on Sunday. Miss him already. Hate the feeling a hole in your heart leaves.


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