Tuesday, February 21, 2006

High on Life Girl Guide/Scout Badge

High On Life: Drugs, Decisions and YOU!
Juniors – Grades 4–6
90 Minutes
Course Description

This interactive program incorporates factual information about drugs in a Jeopardy game format. Girl Scouts practice and identify communication skills through role–playing and other hands-on activities.

Girl Scouts will understand how specific drugs harm the body and will improve their communication and resistance skills.
Learning Objectives

* Recall the harmful effects of various drugs on specific body organs and systems.
* Identify age restrictions and laws regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.
* Discuss the dangers of inhalants, cocaine and the improper use of prescription medicine.
* Recognize the influence drugs have on setting and achieving goals.
* Give examples and demonstrate various resistance techniques to use when pressured by friends.
* Practice communication and resistance skills through role–play.

Role-playing and other hands on activities sounds like it could end up pretty sketchy.

Complements requirements for the High On Life badge.


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