Sunday, August 06, 2006

Happy Pride Montreal!!!

I love my gay boys. For their fierceness, their fabulousness, their beauty, talent, intelligence and cuntiness. I love them for their style, flair, dance moves, generosity and caring. But most of all, I love them for having given me a place where I feel home. Where I feel love, accepted, embraced for who I am, not shunned for what I'm not. These men have a lot of times been through much of their own pain, and some have heartbreaking tales to tell, as we all do, and perhaps because of it have made me feel cherished and celebrated. Always there to spin me around on the dancefloor, make pie with or go make up shopping, these men have taught me so many valuable lessons about myself, life and what really matters.

I hope that you all know just what a special place you hold in my heart. May I always be like you, so bold, unashamed of anything and proud of everything.


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