Monday, July 10, 2006


It is ALWAYS interesting going to the doctor. The waiting room alone is food for thought and this blog.

First there was the crazy man, he was old, overweight, wearing a LOUD Hawaiian shirt and yelling about Johnny Depp. I guess he was unhappy he defected to France maybe or jealous of his union with Mme. Paradis?!

Next there was the SCREAMING kid. I'm talking BLOODCURDLING screams and the stupid bitch mother who did absolutely NOTHING about it.

And finally guest star number three: old man with SHIT all over his legs. Like honestly, how do you not notice something like that. I would have felt sorry for him, like a problem of incontinence perhaps, but it was dried and crusty.


Then my HOT female doctor wanted to give me a rectal exam. No thanks, shouldn't you buy me dinner first? Or is this the set of a porn I am not aware of?

Never a dull moment!


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