Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Old Friend

Tuesday was a day for catching up with an old friend. I saw her new place and brought her some sewing things and she seemed really excited. Then we headed off to pick up magazines at the VICE Montreal office where we also got free cd's and dvd's. I was quite excited about the start of the day and enjoyed walking around in the cool fall but beautiful weather and hadn't been to the Plateau area in a while. I miss it, but apparently I am much happier where I live now and it was nice to confirm that.

Then we headed off to O'Reagan's Irish pub for some fish and chips as she is a Brit and said she is missing it big time. We stumbled upon the lovely Paul who is newly here from Cork and is the daytime bartender/waiter. He was interesting, cute & obviously intelligent and we laughed and exchanged banter with him for the better part of an hour. (As my friend JK works there, I mentioned him and then proceeded to do some investigations on Paul for her after we left…)

All in all, a lovely day. Nice to see old friends doing well, but sad to hear the way they view people you are still friends with and they have lost contact with.


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