Monday, September 18, 2006


Why do energy drinks all have warnings to only drink one per day and never with alcohol? And why do all bars (at least in this city) flaut that warning? Is it medically unsafe or just "the man" trying to control every little detail about my life? (I also think there is something deeper going on with Rockstar as it is made in Las Vegas… I don't trust that…)

Overheard conversation: "I can't afford to be all fancy, if you're going to have an eating disorder, be anorexic. I can't afford for you to eat all my food and then purge in my toilet."

Why do extreme lispers or stutterers need cell phone? And those two names given to those conditions are just cruel to the people who suffer from them!

What is the deal with eyebrow dandruff? How is it even possible?

It's scary to think that people born in the 80's are now adults. Fully.

And today was old school video game day: Atari and Computvision. Bleep bleep bloop…


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