Friday, October 20, 2006


I swear to g-d, there is a conspiracy against me that entails that I should have difficulty being on the internet consistently. From my PC crapping out (thank g-d, as I LOVE my MAC), my Audiovox Smart phone crapping out and my ISP being crap, it's been a real ordeal lately.

Tonight's rant is dedicated to my ISP - let's just call them "SymCRAPico".

Unable to connect this morning for my mandatory email reading and chatting before work, I was annoyed. Annoyance kicked into extreme cuntiness when I waited an hour on hold with my ISP (Who I used to work for, until they outsourced to India, so understandably, I kind of already hate them with a fiery passion.) to only get hung up on. Idiots.

I gave up and went shopping and to lunch instead.

Came home after work, called back and another hour wait produced Kumar. Who proceeded to tell me, "We don't support macs" Well F-U buddy... Macs are simpler and better and YOU SUCK. He actually thanked me for my problem. WTF! Honestly, then told me he would reset my password and then proceeded to not say a word for FIVE minutes. (I did time him.) At this point, I lost it and berated him and even swore at him in hindi (I know how, don't ask...) and then told him how to do his job.

Suffice to say, I am a genius and back online.

But time to find another ISP. I'm over calling INDIA.


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