Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Every day, I get a new Urban Dictionary word of the day emailed to me. I usually am familiar with the terminology, but sometimes there is a new one that I adopt.

The two last definitions have been ones pertinent to my life, due to the fact I went out this weekend to Stereo. I took the boyfriend and I had fun, yes & no. It was nice to introduce him to so many people who have been integral to my life, but I am sad to say that clubbing has lost much of it's magic for me. Not really that sad though, as I am very pleased to be moving on to bigger and better things.

And now, the definitions:

Weekend Lag

A condition affecting the body's circadian clock, similar to jet lag, but instead stemming from altering one's sleep hours over a weekend of hard partying and drinking rather than from a long flight.

Franks: "Shit, I missed fluid dynamics again. Monday morning classes are so rough. It feels like it is 7 PM. What time is it?"
Jason: "It's only 8 in the morning."
Brad: "Fuck dude, that's a serious case of weekend lag. Drink some fluids and stop hitting the riverboat casino so hard in P-town."

Bar Star

A guy or girl that goes to clubs or bars at least once a week. Usually bar stars are found at clubs every Friday and Saturday night. They dress in sexy clothing to attract others for one night stands or short lived relationships.

I never see Joe on the weekends, where is he?

He's a bar star, so he's at the clubs.


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