Wednesday, September 27, 2006


In light of the many tragedies I have recently seen and experienced, (I have to stop watching the news again, I did it for years and I kind of liked my oblivion), I have been wondering how one goes on when they lose a close loved one. The death of Anastacia De Souza on September 13th at Dawson College affected me although I didn't know her and was only in the vicinity at the time. Such an apparently talented, beautiful and good person snatched away so soon in life. I also have been wondering what I would do if I lost my bf. Having finally found someone who I have a great and fantastic relationship with, I find it difficult to imagine life without him. I was also recently recounting stories to co-workers of the days when I worked at 911, when tragedy was a daily thing I heard. They asked me what the worse calls I got were, and I automatically thought of one call where an elderly couple who had been married for years, probably around sixty, were affected. The wife found the husband in cardiac arrest. I tried to instruct her in CPR but it was most probably too late. What cut me to pieces was her crying incontrolably and saying, "Please don't leave me." How can you go on without someone after you've spent more of your life with them, than without them? Contemplating spending your life with someone knowing that at some point one of you will suffer the ultimate loss? Kind of terrifying...


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