Thursday, January 25, 2007

Straight Bars

So as part of my new plan to stave off the winter blues, I have decided every day I have to do something other than work. Either before or after, but I really believe the monotony of home-work-home was really getting me down.

Tuesday night a friend was dj-ing at a club (which I will leave nameless) with a 90s theme and on a cheesy cliche touristy street. I figured, "Hey, why not?" as it had been literally years, maybe even almost ten, since I'd been to a place around there. Plus I love my 90s house.

I managed to convince a few friends and then headed there from work.

The theme of the night was definitely people thinking they were all that. My friend said, "This is really much." And I countered with, "And really though, it's not anything at all." It was really the attack of the emo hair and white loafers were in abundance.

I forgot how cheesy Ginette and Linda from the 'burbs with their fake tits, bleached blonde hair and fake bake tans can be. Girls and guys eye-ing each other up, the straight boys being all macho. (My gay friend decided to imitate them at one point - "YEAH YEAH YEAH!" lol)

The music was ROCKING but $8 watered down drinks are not my style so I called it a night early.

The most redeeming part of the night? The obviously rough looking younger girl who looked like she was about 50 (How have you abused YOURSELF honey?!) traipsing around with a fur coat dragging on the ground. WORK!


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