Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Best Thing About Work

Other than le Maitre Fafard that is... But he's another topic for another day. ;)


THIS is the best thing about work. One slow call day at work, I started looking around the office to see if there was ANYTHING interesting to occupy my time. Was surprised and quite pleased to stumble upon THIS, which has now become a constant companion of mine.

YES, that's RIGHT, introducing MR. SKETCH!!! (Obviously they don't know the people I do, or there'd DEFINITELY be a MRS. SKETCH out there...)

And look, in all kinds of nationalities (i.e. colors) too!

And here is the whole FAMILY!!!

Ok, ok, PROOF right there I'm a little nutty! But seriously, don't those cartoons look a little f*%$ed up?!


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