Tuesday, August 09, 2005


It always boggles my mind how others can so totally irrevocably affect you. I have met the man of my dreams. UTTERLY. I've been crushing on him since beginning of April, but I never thought it would be a possibility. So through a twist of fate, I got into contact with him, ironically through hotornot and then I found out it was him and he found out it was me (we work together, sort of) and then he said he was into me and had been since we started working together and vice versa. It's incredible the things he says to me and the way he makes me feel. Nice to leave someone marks on them that they have to explain at the office yet no one you know has any clue about it. It's nice to not have everyone's opinion affecting your relationship... It's nice to feel secure you'll see them again. It's nice to be real with someone and just have incredible chemistry - sexually and personality wise.

He is definitely incredible. I love the way he is shy. He blushes, he sweet and considerate. Then he pulls my hair and scratches me and drives me wild.



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Blogger mtlanglo said...

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Blogger p said...


so happy for u Sab !

have fun !

12:10 PM  

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