Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I love how springtime is a time for renewal and new chances. This year couldn't be more about that than it has been.

First - a new apartment that I am loving. Close enough to get in on all the parties if I want (such as Friday night's insanity or Sunday night Freak Show) but also outside of the downtown core so I have the much needed serenity I crave. I also love the fact that I feel safe in my 'hood and that it feels like a neighborhood. Kids playing on the street and all.

Second - the new job. Every day there has essentially been a good one. I've had my moments where I felt like giving it all up but mainly due to my own insecurities and issues. Some things have not been easy as there are always those people who rub you the wrong way. But in the end staying there and proving my worth has been a great thing for me. It's amazing to work somewhere where you are appreciated and valued! I adore most of the people that I have met there. It's nice that I have new friends who bring so many different things to my life.

Third - the possibility of us. It's nice to feel other's interest in you. To be told you're missed. It's nice to have other people want to get to know you.

I am loving the new me. The new me who doesn't always have to be going out to a club because she craves people. I am liking my solitude a large part of the time and then being able to spend time with quality people and at quality things the rest of the time.

Life is good. Must remember that.


Anonymous pocket gay said...

I am glad we both changed into people that can once again be friends. Long live us, just like the good old days ... but different.

To summer and to us.
You were missed.

2:56 PM  
Blogger StereoQueenBee said...

Awwww - how sweet! Different and better I think!

Next weekend with Demi is going to RULE my friend!

3:22 PM  

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