Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I am sooooooo honored. So excited. I've been walking around in a state of awe all day. A few weeks ago at the end of the Out Games & during Pride, I went to a party called SOUL - mainly because I wanted to see Junior Vasquez who I've never seen before. Once I saw him for ten minutes, another for about an hour, both times I couldn't deal with the party and left.

Even though I was in a state of utter exhaustion, day three was beginning, of parties & work… And the rest of the week had been much of the same but with sleep… I almost didn't go, but my friend P had gotten me a ticket, so I couldn't very well not show up at all, could I?

Musical bliss. I'd never heard anything quite like it. Such UTTER CHAOS at all times. Insane songs, layered on top of each other, mixed in and out. I kept my eye on the DJ - and apparently he kept his eye on me. I was told today that Junior was inspired by me. Wow. I'm in shock - so honored, so astounded. A LEGENDARY person, artist, GENIUS like him inspired by me.


Til we meet again Junior - your music is still inspiring me and making me catch my breath…


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