Saturday, September 09, 2006

Week End Roundup

And here is the week roundup of the things I got up to:

Monday started off the week with a bang, pretty much almost literally. After work on Sunday night I went to Parking and met up with some of the usuals at Parking. The place was a zoo! I guess since Monday was a holiday and there was a huge (apparently) superstar DJ in town… I went with the resident dj and the bf to a strip club instead. Hahahaha… The funniest part was telling the bf and dj that the guy dancing on stage was our friend's brother. They really didn't believe me, but it is true. I'd actually met this person after I'd seen him dance so I understood their reaction.

Went home late, half drunk & kinda messed. 6 am rolls around and my name is being called on the street. Loudly. Repeatedly. Uh oh…

My friend Goldy shows up and insanity and hilarity and general nonsense began. For EIGHTEEN hours straight. I was exhausted but happy at the end of the day. The sketchiest moment was when the roommate showed up after pretty much MONTHS of absense to our little holiday "party". Of course we were all looking a little rough at this point as we were on hour sixteen or so…

The bf got introduced to two of my best (and craziest) friends. He also got introduced to the world of Alan T and Paris is Burning. Good thing he is so chill and not much bothers him. Which makes him pretty much perfect for me. Absolutely.

Why are so many Greek men named either Peter or George? Like honestly if ANYONE has any theories or any irrefutable proof as to why, then please please please enlighten me.

Tuesday I pretty much took it easy after work and just read a book. There is nothing I like more than curling up on a chilly night in my comfy bed and reading a good book. I love the smell of a book. (Try it, trust me, it's DELICIOUS…)

Wednesday night I once again trekked out to the Waste Island to see the bf. (Yes he IS becoming quite the recurring character in my life. Something of which I am VERY happy about!) A fantastic night of not much sleep and then I ran to catch the train back from the WI and proceeded to sleep the ENTIRE day away… Much needed but also a bit of a sad moment as I kind of feel like I wasted an entire day, which I guess really I did, lol.

Thursday and I decided to take an educational and entertaining walk through The Point. This is a new trendy area but as I heard it called once, "The last english bastion on the island" but it was an uber poor area before. There is a lot of "character" still and not necessarily a place I'd walk at night. I got downtown, walked some Chinese people who were lost to the train station and then met up with, you guessed it, the bf. Went to our favorite Irish watering hole for some yummy food & drink "RAKATOW" and the night's entertainment actually even serenaded the RAKATOW… lol

Other insanity ensued but I decline to discuss it here.

Friday was another "day off" *wink wink* and we headed to Chinese buffet, where I ate too much and felt like sh*t. But it was yummy good and tasty.

Wandering through Old Montreal, the bf and I were victims of a Juste Pour Rire gag. That's right folks, you'll get to see us (mostly him) in all our retarded glory. Between that and watching Talladega Nights, The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, I laughed a lot about stupidities.

The week finished off with my favorite Friday night: drinking some Boris Cool & watching the twisted cartoons on Teletoon. I LOVE ROBOT CHICKEN. You MUST watch it!


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