Thursday, January 25, 2007

Public Bathrooms

I have been meaning to rant about this for quite some time. I absolutely DETEST them. Some people I know like them, although I find that statement QUITE disturbing and cannot fathom WHY they would say that. Especially out loud.

I guess partly why I hate them is due to the fact I have an intestinal disease. Cross that with my now infrequent partying, and you have a recipe for disaster. It's embarrassing, uncomfortable and sometimes mortifying.

That being said, I hate them for their general lack of cleanliness and privacy. I don't understand how people can't flush, persist in throwing used tampons around and the proverbial t.p. on the floor astounds me too. How do they treat their bathrooms at home? Were they raised by wolves? It got so bad at work that they have now posted a sign REMINDING people to keep it clean.

I also never get when there are six stalls and you're at one end and the rest are empty, why do people come and sit RIGHT next to you? I don't want to hear you do your business! And WHY exactly are you on your cell phone? I should do a test of the cell phones at work and see which ones have urine on them, lol! (Could be worse though...) And it's also a tad concerning when you see a boss not wash their hands...


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