Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Measure of a Life

Lately I have been pondering what makes a life meaningful or worthwhile. I've been inspired by fantastic people I consider friends, and by new people I have recently encountered.

I thought I was doing well, but realized I was being quite complacent about things. Not taking care of what I should be taking care of and letting things slide. In more ways than one. Letting relationships that shouldn't be fester into gaping sores that ultimately were draining all of my energy was probably the worst thing I was doing.

But then one morning I just woke up and got it. I was over it. Time to move on.

And since then, things have been getting increasingly more satisfying at an alarming rate.

My major irritation and worry and stress at work is now gone. I have a new boss, one who I believe respects me and who I actually feel is competent. My month has started off fantastically and can only get better.

I have been increasingly forging better relationships with my family and feel closer to them than I have in years which is no mean feat.

I am going to the gym several times a week and actually am looking forward to it every day. Researching dance schools and with plans to start climbing and sailing as soon as winter is over. All of this physical activity is making me happy, I feel much healthier already and I'm delirious that I'm being so active and not finding it difficult at all.

And then there's the person I met. He thrills me. Interests me. Captivates me. Says things that make me cry I am so happy. But as Sheeba was all too quick to point out, I could very easily turn this new beginning into a full broadway production with two kids and a nanny. So I won't. But I so very much want to. It's been a long time since I felt so inspired and cherished at the same time.

I am also feeling more inspired to write these days. But as I have no idea where to begin, I think I should look up a course that will help me along the way.

So to answer the question about myself, what measures my life? Well I am happy to say in 2007 it seems that I will stop cutting myself short and realize my true worth and what I have to give. I'm set on making myself more interesting, healthier and definitely happier.


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