Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Words That Made It Alright

This weekend had already been a crazy drama-filled difficult one when I decided to go to my sanctuary, Stereo. I just wanted a night of calm, dancing therapy and no problems. I'd had a tough weekend and this year has had it's fair share of stress as well.

Then I ran into Sheena - dear, sweet Mama Sheena. Sheena will definitely be an entry for another time, but I can always depend on Sheena to make me smile, be there for me and she's ALWAYS supported me and stood behind me. Truly another member of my FAMILY.

Sheena grabbed me in a HUGE hug and told me, "You have such a fierce heart girl, don't let anyone EVER take that away from you!"

Just absolutely perfect in it's simplicity, exactly what I needed to hear. Made a tear come to my eye and then gave me hope to go on.

I love you Sheena.


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