Wednesday, August 31, 2005


This is Megan aka "Cooter" and this is Elie aka "Pocket Gay".

I think they are on their way to becoming a tag team in wrestling.

Anyhoo, I used "Googlism" and looked up Cooter and this is what came up:

Googlism for: cooter

cooter is primarily herbivorous
cooter is not slang or a crude reference to a turtle
cooter is a fairly large turtle
cooter is still debated
cooter is primarily a stream species
cooter is a permanent nickname for me now
cooter is the trusty sidekick to bo and luke duke
cooter is exactly just what you need
cooter is going to make fastmusic a very rich group of young lads
cooter is related to the mandingo word kuta and the tshiluba word nkudu
cooter is a voracious feeder
cooter is generally more often terrestrial than other species of its genus
cooter is generally more often aquatic like most other species of its genus
cooter is one of the leading thinkers in law and economics and thus i raise this issue with some hesitation
cooter is a turtle
cooter is $300
cooter is working hand in hand in introducing linedancing to the homeless to give them something to do between poking around for garbage and begging for money
cooter is approximately 451
cooter is most abundant in missouri's rivers and sloughs
cooter is around
cooter is a new
cooter is his name; raw cooter is his game
cooter is pure bred
cooter is commonly found from the coastal plains of southeastern virginia
cooter is also a popular figure with dallas school children for dressing in black leather and riding through their public school buildings
cooter is extraordinarily adept at crossing the disciplinary boundaries among economics
cooter is shaking hands with zealot while cletus tends to
cooter is running for
cooter is the young boy at delfumo
cooter is listening to
cooter is a captive individual
cooter is comin? at ya with a new tradition that is steeped in the old timey traditions of fast cars and slow livin?
cooter is a phony persona
cooter is a large
cooter is a large freshwater
cooter is going to take over for clausen and lead y'all to the promised land
cooter is in awe of lil fucca's beauty
cooter is one of those artists who just never fit the mold as to what a country singer should look like
cooter is good
cooter is a slang term for a woman's private parts
cooter is just a character
cooter is a veteran diver with over 20 years experience and over 20 specialized diving certifications
cooter is an editor
cooter is sure to be playing in your area soon
cooter is down a ramp to the west
cooter is a two year old hound mix who had an incredible change in color definition after eating kumpi dog food
cooter is
cooter is the other man behind the raps
cooter is a son of james and lavina
cooter is on superfuzz space bass and knocks out the vox while raw cooter abuses a six
cooter is found in drainage areas of rivers that feed into the gulf of mexico from hillsborough to gulf county
cooter is a professor at the boalt hall law school at uc berkeley
cooter is approximately 10 years old and was rescued from a fur farm here in colorado
cooter is a soft
cooter is completely shot
cooter is one of the larger aquatic turtles
cooter is a term of endearment
cooter is elected player of the month on the ava ladders
cooter is called ben jones and cooter's place is located in sperryville
cooter is also grandfather to demi
cooter is found in a narrow band following the rio grande to del rio and then branching off into
cooter is a congressman
cooter is still waitin
cooter is available at
cooter is you probably don't want me to tell you
cooter is a nationally recognized expert on the economic analysis of law
cooter is out cold
cooter is in trouble and i mean trouble
cooter is a
cooter is still waiting
cooter is the youngster of the delfumo family
cooter is almost an oxymoron
cooter is the word for a "box" turtle in the carolinas and the name was derived from
cooter is of the family emidydae
cooter is always fun to watch


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"cooter is also a popular figure with dallas school children for dressing in black leather and riding through their public school buildings"

I'd say that about sums her up well!

Muahaha... ~Cur

10:33 AM  

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