Sunday, September 03, 2006


As some of you might know, I work as a fabulous CSR, yes, that's me, a Customer Service Representative! *da da da dum* (Applause, gifts and the like may follow…) It's often a thankless job but until my plan to either a) become supreme ruler of the universe or b) become independantly wealthy or c) marry rich comes to pass, then this is how I pay the bills and keep off the streets.

It is my RIGHT and DUTY I think to inform you of what annoys us CSR's when YOU, the PUBLIC call in. First, when I am giving the mandatory spiel at the beginning of the call, PLEASE do not rudely interrupt me. It sets a BAD precedent for the call and also is just plain RUDE. And when giving your personal information, please LISTEN and don't say things too QUICKLY. I am NOT a robot.

I also do understand that you don't like the RVI. I detest it too. How many calls are misdirected, it's frustrating and annoying. But it's NOT MY FAULT. So please again, don't yell at me. Again, setting a bad precedent.

Also, if there is something you didn't hear, or you are unhappy with what I am telling you, please SAY SOMETHING. (Just ask Mariah, lol) But don't just cease speaking. I am not a mind reader, I don't believe in ESP and I don't like people who pout.

Don't talk too close to the phone. I also hate those of you who sound like you are spitting. Please do not dial when I am speaking. If I ask you for your phone number, please say it out loud as the beeping of the numbers you are pushing DOES NOT COMPUTE!

And above all things, the way the company works is entirely up to the directors and management. I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING TO PISS YOU OFF.

Honestly, some of you should have IQ tests before getting services and I wish Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection was applicable to humans. Lol... There is nothing worse than an indignant, yet ignorant person.

Three good quotes from clients:

"You give me a good service, so I give you a good payment."

"The bill from your company is responsible for breaking up my marriage."

And lastly:

"I have thumbs as big as dollar bills and therefore have trouble dialing you."


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