Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Autumn of My Discontent

It's amazing how much everything can annoy me when life seems to be spiralling out of control. I know it's a hell of my own making, but then I look around and see how other people "misbehave" and I can't help but cry to myself, why can't I just get a break once in a while?! I know that I am very fortunate, trust me, I do, but it still doesn't ease the pain of those incredibly lonely nights, the seemingly endless nights that make me miserable beyond what I thought possible. The fact of feeling life seep out of you (in so many different ways) is quite something to deal with, to process and to afterwards make the choice that you want life. I know that it's a huge thing for me that I've struggled on through every adverse situation that I've faced and somehow made it. I know that it shows my character and that I'm a strong woman, or perhaps too stupid to give in, lol, but then I hear sweet music that saves my soul once again. How much do I love house music, it's quite ridiculous. Honestly.

Time for "La Vie en Stereo" and it should be a great night. How can Mr. Morales' music speak to me just sooooo much? I remember I used to tell everyone how it was my therapy night. It so is.

"I just want to say I need you and it feels good when I'm with you, can't you see I just can't get enough, it's the feeling that I love.... Intoxicated"

Such powerful words that make me cry on the dancefloor and make my soul heal, ever a little bit at a time.

I want to learn to dance more with wild abandon. I want to let my soul be free. I want to learn to love more and hurt less.

The discoball's back baby!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i know exactly how you feel. exactly and that song you quoted i love it and was just wondering if you could give the artist and title of the song so i can download it hehe.
thanks heaps!

2:09 AM  

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