Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Brushes with Fame

This weekend at Stereo was a blast as usual. For those of you not familiar with my mecca, this is the house music club that is currently owned by Grammy-winner (and personal inspiration) David Morales. It was built by friends of mine SEVEN years ago now, which is rare in the clubbing world for a club to be around for so long. It's the place where I get my re-charging. Whenever things are wrong, or seem so, dancing the night away always helps change my perspective. It helps being around the lovely people I know there too.

I spent a large part of the night dancing away with Sami Dee, a DJ from Paris I met when he came to play for David's birthday in August. David used to celebrate his bday @ Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos, but has since decided that since he calls Stereo his home, he's going to celebrate it with us. The entire club broke into Happy Birthday and David was sobbing so overcome with emotion. One of the most powerful moments I've ever experienced.

And Lindsay Lohan is in town filming, and a friend of mine met her on the set. She wants to go out on Friday night, so who better to bring her out, than me, the Queen of Crunk?


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