Monday, May 26, 2008

De Retour...

After taking it really easy, i.e. getting OLDER and FEEBLER, for the past little while, the fact I found a tenner on the sidewalk last night prompted me to go out and largely. Started off the night with drinks at Sky (not my favorite place, so many drinks were needed), then progressed to Parking where people I had not seen in quite some time kept me well supplied and on to Stereo where I randomly met a guy from out of town who knows friends of mine, saw a girl walking around with an uncontrollable nosebleed and had to hide from some weirdo who attacked himself to me.

A shower and nap at home, then I was set to be off to the hair salon. Went to bring in my mail only to find two crackheads installed on my front step in front of my door. Mailbox half ripped off the wall and they weren't moving. AT FOUR THIRTY IN THE AFTERNOON. Ten minutes later, they were STILL there. So, pissed off and with no time to waste, I called the cops, who then spoke to them for about 15 minutes before I really had to leave and ran out the door. Four cops talking to them about how they couldn't stay there and they were still sitting down. Sigh.

A bit of a nerve wracking experience, I'm a bit shaky but had a moment of humor in it all, when recounting the story to a friend and his first comment was, "Well, were they someone you knew?"

LOL, ahhhh, funny how that was his first thought.