Friday, August 31, 2007

Karma PayOut!

So this summer has been challenging for me, as you may very well have deduced. (Or if you actually know me, then you know for a fact.)

But this week, things have started to turn around. First, I got hired by the company I really wanted to work for. A young, dynamic company, right downtown, that works with companies such as Microsoft, EBay and Google. My penchant for nerdiness will be satisfied at such a place of work!

I also found a great apartment in the heart of the Plateau, so really close to a lot of my friends. A sweet 3 1/2 with a private terrasse sort of area. And for a very reasonable price. But I have to now pack and move this weekend. Which I am NOT looking forward to, but at least I start work in 10 days, so I will be able to settle in.

Had a few interesting and good dates. Had some beer and drinks. All in all, a good week, relatively drama free.

But when I got home today, after spending some time with the ever lovely Adam, I got stung by a hornet. My arm is all red and swollen and I don't know how I will be able to sleep. It hurts so damn much.

Well something had to go wrong. It can't all be right! ;)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

But Mom! The other 61-year-olds get an allowance!

ROME (Reuters) - A Sicilian mother took away her 61-year-old son's house keys, cut off his allowance and hauled him to the police station because he stayed out late.

Tired of her son's misbehavior, the retiree in the central Sicilian city of Caltagirone turned to the police to "convince this blockhead" to behave properly, La Sicilia, one of Sicily's leading newspapers, reported on Thursday.

The son responded by saying his mother did not give him a big enough weekly allowance and did not know how to cook.

"My son does not respect me, he doesn't tell me where he's going in the evenings and returns home late," the woman was quoted as saying. "He is never happy with the food I make and always complains. This can't go on."

Police helped the squabbling duo make up and the two returned home together, with the son's house keys and daily allowance restored.

Most Italian men still live at home late into their 30s, enjoying their "mamma's" cooking, washing and ironing.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


This video is HIGH-larious!!! I love how random and nasty Blind Date is and this just kicks it up a notch!