Saturday, May 27, 2006

Party Lessons Part I

Juicy Disco Grrl says:
So these are the lessons I learnt on Thursday night:
If you've been ridiculously sick with a bad cold you should go and drink mass amounts of vodka with orange juice for the vitamin c content and you will be cured the next day.
If you're too high from the cocaine you've been doing, go puke in the bathroom and you'll be ready for another line
And cocaine makes my nose feel better after a cold but makes my a** bleed.

study study says:
my lessons from last night: take G *after* the party, not before. Smoke your hash *after* taking your G, *after* the party.
and most important: don't run out of L
err, K

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Ideas

Well, after this weekend's insanity, I am seriously going to try for a break. It's going to be hard because I love my crazy life. But after a seven hour nap waking up with severe conditions related to my chronic disease and extreme overall fatigue, I know it is necessary. Makes me sad but I guess it is time to focus on different things. *sigh*


But I also have a couple ideas:

A reality TV show based on Michael G (a friend) who is just uber-witty and entertaining, called "Goldy Knows Best."

Along with his bitch track, "Bitch Where's My Drink", a social game called "Sheba Says".

And all this to the theme song from "Married with Children" the lyrics re-written as thus:

Sketch and drama, sketch and drama,
Comes along with a bump of tina.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sheeba says:

SheebaGreg: tiesto=death
SheebaGreg: right up there with aids


Sunday, May 14, 2006


I think my head is going to either:

a) spontaneously combust

b) self-implode or the ever popular

c) voluntartily lobotomize

itself, pretty much any second now.

Destiny Thief

I am coming to the distinct thought that there is a specific person out there who has stolen my life. She has everything I should have. Not that I dislike mine, but there are certain things that are very absent.

I wonder what kind of voodoo shite had to go on to make this happen. Karma thief!

That old black magic has me in its spell,
That old black magic that you weave so well.


Saturday, May 13, 2006


"Which nostril should I use"

"And does he look like the kind of guy who gets laid"

Friday, May 12, 2006


I have come to the conclusion that I need a maid, a PA and a houseboy.

An entire staff whose only task in life is to do my bidding.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


I'm eating and living better, less going out and more taking care of myself. I'm putting on a bit of weight, nothing to worry about (YET) but I need to keep it off. I NEED TO HAVE MORE SEX. That is the conclusion I have come to.

That will keep the pounds off!


CANCER (June 21–July 22): You now have the power to raise a million dollars for charity. For that matter, you could launch an organization that would last a hundred years, make an invigorating connection with a resourceful ally, or talk a depressed person out of suicide. On the other hand, it's also conceivable that you could tally the highest score ever recorded on the Berzerk video game or engage in spectacular drunken stunts that earn you a spot on the local TV news. In other words, Cancerian, there's a high potential for you doing something very big, whether it's smart and great or dumb and useless. Choose wisely how you want this cosmic tendency to manifest.

I think my time to shine has come.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I love how springtime is a time for renewal and new chances. This year couldn't be more about that than it has been.

First - a new apartment that I am loving. Close enough to get in on all the parties if I want (such as Friday night's insanity or Sunday night Freak Show) but also outside of the downtown core so I have the much needed serenity I crave. I also love the fact that I feel safe in my 'hood and that it feels like a neighborhood. Kids playing on the street and all.

Second - the new job. Every day there has essentially been a good one. I've had my moments where I felt like giving it all up but mainly due to my own insecurities and issues. Some things have not been easy as there are always those people who rub you the wrong way. But in the end staying there and proving my worth has been a great thing for me. It's amazing to work somewhere where you are appreciated and valued! I adore most of the people that I have met there. It's nice that I have new friends who bring so many different things to my life.

Third - the possibility of us. It's nice to feel other's interest in you. To be told you're missed. It's nice to have other people want to get to know you.

I am loving the new me. The new me who doesn't always have to be going out to a club because she craves people. I am liking my solitude a large part of the time and then being able to spend time with quality people and at quality things the rest of the time.

Life is good. Must remember that.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


I have been reading Craigslist for awhile now and can always find entertainment on there. Plus we have our local one so I thought why not post a personal ad? A new and different forum to meet someone in.

Well I am going to post a copy of my ad. SO far I have been getting "interesting" replies. I will chronicle them during the next few days and weeks. And let you know if I meet anyone interesting.

My ad:

I've been looking for you my entire life - or so it seems. Call my idealistic, romantic, a fool - whatever you may. But I believe in fate and kismet and all that jazz. I truly believe there is someone out there for everyone and I am waiting to find that person who makes me weak in the knees, gives me butterflies in my stomach and who makes me not eat or sleep.

I know this ad is full of cliches - but if I could find a person who would make me feel these things and if I could do the same for them - perhaps life would be sweeter.

I'm 27 - live near downtown and I would love to meet someone who want to live life to it's fullest - who loves to dance the night (and sometimes the day) away. Who feels the true joy of a beautiful song, who gets their inspiration in every day beauty and who has something to say.

If this interests you at all - please get back to me. I promise that I am real and I'm here.