Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Even More Changes...

The past couple of months has been full of changes for me. A lot of them. I have been growing up, or so it seems. My mother will be proud of me.

I am less happy or into the thought of going to clubs. I have fun when I am out but I would usually much rather be at home with a certain someone.

I have successfully mostly cleaned up my apartment, had dinners and people over. I have started sorting through the little nagging things that always pile up in ones life. I have also starting cooking more and am trying to walk a lot and only drink water.

I feel healthier and happier than I have in ages.

My only possible regret? Today I dyed my hair. Brown. I have never had brown hair. I guess it suits me, but I am not used to being a blondie any more. I guess we will see how it goes...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Bday!

Today is the 59th Independance Day of India!!!

I will celebrate with V... And I vow to not eat any gods tonight... lol!


I am sooooooo honored. So excited. I've been walking around in a state of awe all day. A few weeks ago at the end of the Out Games & during Pride, I went to a party called SOUL - mainly because I wanted to see Junior Vasquez who I've never seen before. Once I saw him for ten minutes, another for about an hour, both times I couldn't deal with the party and left.

Even though I was in a state of utter exhaustion, day three was beginning, of parties & work… And the rest of the week had been much of the same but with sleep… I almost didn't go, but my friend P had gotten me a ticket, so I couldn't very well not show up at all, could I?

Musical bliss. I'd never heard anything quite like it. Such UTTER CHAOS at all times. Insane songs, layered on top of each other, mixed in and out. I kept my eye on the DJ - and apparently he kept his eye on me. I was told today that Junior was inspired by me. Wow. I'm in shock - so honored, so astounded. A LEGENDARY person, artist, GENIUS like him inspired by me.


Til we meet again Junior - your music is still inspiring me and making me catch my breath…

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Happy Pride Montreal!!!

I love my gay boys. For their fierceness, their fabulousness, their beauty, talent, intelligence and cuntiness. I love them for their style, flair, dance moves, generosity and caring. But most of all, I love them for having given me a place where I feel home. Where I feel love, accepted, embraced for who I am, not shunned for what I'm not. These men have a lot of times been through much of their own pain, and some have heartbreaking tales to tell, as we all do, and perhaps because of it have made me feel cherished and celebrated. Always there to spin me around on the dancefloor, make pie with or go make up shopping, these men have taught me so many valuable lessons about myself, life and what really matters.

I hope that you all know just what a special place you hold in my heart. May I always be like you, so bold, unashamed of anything and proud of everything.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Today's Irritants

Wiggers. I really DO NOT get it AT ALL. Honestly, I have a hard enough time understanding hip hop culture, but I don't begrudge it to anyone. But chunky white boys who call me "Shorty" and say "Yo, yo, yo" must learn that it will NOT get me to sleep with them.

And it's quite laughable when people try to sound all intelligent and use big words. But then use the wrong one and just sound like a complete jackass. (Which they usually are.)

Today's example: "And when I saw that on my bill, it gave me an epitome."

I think you mean "Epiphany" but I might be tempted to say that would be somewhat used out of context as well. But I digress...

And now for to clear that up for Mr.Idiot:

1. A representative or example of a class or type: “He is seen... as the epitome of the hawkish, right-of-center intellectual” (Paul Kennedy).
2. A brief summary, as of a book or article; an abstract.

1. a. A Christian feast celebrating the manifestation of the divine nature of Jesus to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi.
b. January 6, on which this feast is traditionally observed.
2. A revelatory manifestation of a divine being.
3. a. A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.
b. A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization: “I experienced an epiphany, a spiritual flash that would change the way I viewed myself” (Frank Maier).